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Exclusive Provider Network® is more than a national PPO, it’s part of a comprehensive medical network committed to providing excellent patient care throughout every step of treatment. This Injury Management Organization™ reduces premiums, fraud, medical cost, recovery time, litigation, and time to settlement.

The Exclusive Provider Network® is growing rapidly and makes finding a provider simple. Regardless of where an incident occurs, we provide care quickly and consistently at any one of our True Medical® facilities or trusted EPN medical facilities.

Why partner with Exclusive Provider Network®? The EPN network ensures the quickest possible payment, with confidence, every time. With a single settlement and Letter of Protection, our own TPA license provided by Lucid Medical Management, and all paperwork handled in-house, we provide a complete Injury Management Organization.TM

A.  Lucid Medical Management™ as Third Party Administrator will coordinate the insured’s care and expenses.

B.  Exclusive Provider Network® Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) will provide the medical care which reduces fraud and follows the best medical practices to expedite the patient’s return to normal or their new normal by ensuring the appropriate physician specialist providing the appropriate care at the appropriate time, following the guidelines of the Medplex Care Advantage® patent and Lucid Medical Management Third Party Administration standards.

C.  True Medical World, a charter member of the PPO, provides imaging and outpatient services routinely provided at medical clinics, including all the True Medical Center™ locations open seven days a week from 7:00 AM to midnight. All locations include True Medical Imaging™  services where True MRI™ exams are routinely preformed.

D.  If injured insured retains an attorney, the Exclusive Provider Network® will encourage the attorney and grant permission to use the copyrighted Exclusive Provider Network® Letter of Protection© and engage the Exclusive Provider Network® of healthcare providers.

E.   Alliance Billing and Collections™ will facilitate and manage all healthcare providers’ billing, medical records, and settlement distribution on behalf of Exclusive Provider Network® healthcare providers.

F.   If a hospital has a lien for the emergency department services or admission and incarceration, Lien Buster® will seek Exclusive Provider Network® PPO rates by repricing the hospital charges or LOP Brokers™ will offer to acquire pre-attorney representations provider Accounts Receivable (including hospital AR) therein controlling the total cost of the care from injury.